Seventh Day Adventist Church Heritage Launch

I would like to invite members of the Preston Faith Forum to the Preston SDA Church Heritage launch on Tuesday 29th May 2018 from 7 pm until 8.30 pm. 

The evening is the culmination of several years of Church Sanctuary renovation, including the replacement of the Ornate West Leaded Window; the replacement of the North Spire, and renovation of the Church Roof. It has been a massive undertaking and we are grateful to Heritage
England for its funding and support with these projects. 

We want to mark the completion of the renovation work with a celebration of the heritage of the Church on Grimshaw Street, and the heritage of Seventh-day Adventists in Preston. 

We are planning an evening of spiritual music and reflection before launching the video of the Church’s heritage; a booklet recounting the characters recorded on the Church Plaques; a Mural of the Church’s history, and a drama. We will conclude the evening together sharing refreshments prepared by the Church’s catering team. 

I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully you will be able to confirm your availability to attend. 

Kind Regards

Jeff Couzins
Pastor, Preston SDA Church

Luke Bosman